What differentiates our organization from other profiles is the professionalism guaranteed by the team of experts it works with, people with over 7 years experience in consulting services, project and program management, project development, technical assistance in implementation.

What we offer?

  • assistance and consultancy in starting and developing the business by drawing up business plans,

  • market research, marketing and feasibility,

  • consultancy for accessing European funds,

  • consultancy in project cycle management (project development, implementation and evaluation),

  • facilitating business contracts and partnerships,

  • organizing events: conferences, seminars and courses, lobbying activities,

  • organizing public debates, training

The team of experts of CNIPMMR Arad Branch is customer-oriented and offers services at European level, developing projects involving in-depth documentation in the field of customer interest, identifying financing possibilities, evaluating potential technical solutions to solve customer problems and choosing the most efficient one. strategies, elaboration of documentation and supporting annexes (technical project, pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, SWOT analysis, cost-benefit analysis, etc.), support during the contracting, implementation, evaluation and closing stages of the project.

WE OFFER: Team building for developing people and companies

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