Gamify Your Teaching (2015-2017)

      The goal of the “Gamify your teaching” project is to support the professional development of the vocational skills of the teachers and trainers of entrepreneurship education. At the same time, he wants to develop ICT teaching (information and communication technology) through innovative pedagogies and to approach teaching through games.

     The project is based on a partnership between 7 European countries (Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Great Britain, Spain and Greece) involved in activities aimed at creating and testing a game to develop an innovative methodology for learning entrepreneurship through games.

      Gamify includes 7 modules Increasing self-belief and self confidence, Market research, Goal setting and visualization, Understanding if self-employment is right for me, Developing a business, Role of social media in establishing your business, How to start and run a business from home based on scenarios and content that simulates activities for teaching entrepreneurial skills divided into several levels.


StartUP – Vest Nord-Vest  2015 ( oct-dec)

      The West-North-West StartUp project has as main objective the development of the entrepreneurial culture, through training (entrepreneurial skills courses) and financial support (de minimis aid) granted to the target group.

      The target group of the project was represented by young people between the ages of 18-25, enrolled in higher education, and women up to 40 years old, who in the first stage of the project were prepared to start a business by participating in a course. , accredited, initiating in entrepreneurial skills.

     The 100 participants from Arad, Timiș, Caraș-Severin and Hunedoara counties were mobilized and supported, during the course of the course, to carry out feasible business plans. They participated in a competition of business plans, the best 10 benefiting from a de minimis aid worth 862,370 RON.


BADGE - Business Advice and Guidance training for women Entrepreneurs (2013-2015)

      The BADGE project is intended for women who are or want to become entrepreneurs being implemented in 8 countries: Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Poland, Cyprus, Croatia, Lithuania. Each country has selected, according to the specific situation as a target group women from different age categories.

     In Romania, the project was addressed to women over 45 years old, single mothers, women from rural areas and 4 workshops were organized:

  • How to ... set up and run a home-based business?

  • How do I ... understand if I'm fit to work for myself?

  • How to ... balance an intense family life with running a business

  • How to ... manage the transition from employee status to your own employee status?


     Because the project is dedicated to lifelong learning, through the project an online, multilingual platform has been created with access to trainings on entrepreneurship topics. The platform is free and open to all women who are interested in discovering themselves and learning what are the first steps in starting a business.

Entrepreneurship Academy - from idea to business (2011- 2013)

General objective: to develop the entrepreneurial culture and to promote a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship in the West and North-West Regions, in order to improve the competitiveness and performance of SMEs in the European economic area.

Specific objectives:

1. Support the development of entrepreneurial and managerial skills by providing training, coaching and mentoring packages in the initiation and development of businesses.

2. Establishment and development of innovative and competitive companies by stimulating the entrepreneurial potential within an interregional network of entrepreneurship offices.

Target group: entrepreneurs and individuals who want to start an independent activity, from the West and North West area of Romania

900 people were trained in this project.

LEAN ROMANIA - Trans-national cooperation for increasing adaptability and promoting quality in automotive sector supplier networks, through innovative organizational methods (2011-2013)

Financing program: European Social Fund, Sectoral Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013

Main partner: Association of Employers and Clerks of Cluj

Partners: SC Calitop SRL, CNIPMMR ARAD, Renault Consulting GIE, Employers Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises in Argeş (FPIMM Argeş), Patron of Manufacturers and Traders of Auto Parts

General Objective: Development of managerial capacities in SMEs in Romania, through the transfer of competences and assistance in order to improve the competitive position of companies, to increase the quality and efficiency in production.

Target group: 2100 managers and technicians, mainly from the automotive industry, with key positions in production management, quality management, process engineering.


PERFORM- Managerial performance in SMEs(2011-2013)

The general objective of the project is represented by the development of the capacities of the managers in the SMEs in Romania, through the transfer of competences and assistance in order to improve the competitive position of the companies, to increase the quality and efficiency in production.

Target group: companies with over 30 employees, minimum turnover of 1,500,000 lei, and object of production activity (excluding the food industry).

This project involved an investment of approximately 11.2 million lei in developing the skills and knowledge of the managers and employees of the Romanian industry and was implemented in the North-West, North-East, Center, South, West and Bucharest-Ilfov regions, on lasting 36 months.

Organization of thematic tourism programs in Crişului Valley(2010-2012)

Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013

Main partner: Municipal Association of Territorial Development of the Central Békés

Partner 1: Valea Crişului Natural Park Association

Partner 2: National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises in Romania - Arad Branch

General objective: To promote the areas covered by the project by disseminating specific natural local attractions, especially in the field of active tourism.

Specific objectives: - Improving the supply of local tourist offers based on the potential of natural and special attractions, both qualitative and quantitative. - Improving the number and types of tools required for active tourism activities. - Develop a document with recommendations for a common image and marketing methods for public and private tourism service providers.

Target group: participants in the thematic programs and tourists coming to the area covered by the project.


Resurse umane competente – bază a dezvoltării economiei locale” - PHARE CES DRU 2006 (decembrie 2008 - noiembrie 2009)

Scopul proiectului: promovarea competitivităţii şi adaptabilităţii forţei de muncă existente în întreprinderi în vederea creşterii productivităţii la locul de muncă prin îmbunătăţirea nivelului de competenţe şi abilităţi profesionale şi manageriale. 

   Grupul ţintă a fost reprezentat de managerii şi personalul operativ din firmele membre   ale CNIPMMR Arad.


„Networking for sustainable economic development” - PHARE CBC 2006 Romania - Hungary  (OCT 2008 - NOV 2009)

Purpose of the project: to stimulate and promote cooperation between SMEs and actors involved in cross-border economic development by facilitating, amplifying and diversifying the channels of business collaboration, in order to create a solid basis for balanced economic and social development of the whole area.

Target group: SMEs from the Arad - Bekes cross-border area, active in four sectors of activity: civil and industrial constructions, tourism, transport, furniture production; operational staff of partners and associated organizations involved in the project.


“Training and consultancy programs in the field of business pragmatic management, human resources management and in the field of project management with national and international financing for the development of human capital in Arad county.”  (2007-2008) 

Purpose of the project: to increase the level of training of managers, specialists and employees in SMEs through specialized training in pragmatic management of companies, human resources management and in the management of projects with national or international financing, so as to increase the productivity of human resources work. and their competitiveness in the labor market in the Western region, taking into account the specific requirements of the knowledge-based economy.


“Strategy and joint projects for a dynamic business environment to European standards” (2006-2008)

Purpose of the project: to stimulate cooperation between economic agents in the Arad-Bekes cross-border area, in order to facilitate market coherence, intensify trade and balanced economic development


„Regional Youth Career Assistance and Guidance Package” R.E.A.C.T. (2006)

The aim of the project: to develop the skills of young unemployed people from Deva and Arad to approach the labor market, adapted to the trends of economic development of the area, as well as to diversify the methodologies to assist the unemployed in the West Region in facilitating access to a job and adapting skills to labor market requirements. 


„EUropa te aşteaptă – TU eşti pregătit?” / "The EU is waiting for you - Are YOU ready?" (2005-2006)  

Purpose of the project: to increase the level of information of the active population with entrepreneurial concerns in the nine cities of Arad county regarding the impact of accession on the business environment, by adapting and providing specific information, improving the access of the target group to information, as well as increasing the degree of knowledge by the target group of the aspects related to the competition, competitiveness and quality of the products and services on the Single Market.

36 thematic seminars were organized, with 15 people attending each seminar.

„4 x Femei în Management” – PHARE 2002 - Economic and Social Cohesion, Human Resources Development

Purpose of the project: training, guidance and counseling of women with management positions to improve their managerial performances, development of services and procedures specific to professional development.

80 people from Arad county and 200 people from the western region participated.

The ARBEK - BORDER BUSINESS OFFICE project - 2003- 2004

Purpose of the project: to support the economic development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Arad and Békés counties by encouraging the development of joint ventures, supporting and amplifying the traditional economic links existing under future access to the European Single Market and creating a cross-border business office.

230 people participated in this project.

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