Antreprenor acasa (Entrepreneur at home)

Entrepreneur at Home is the project of a consortium of Romanian and Spanish organizations whose mission is to contribute to the economic revitalization of the community of Romanian immigrants established in Spain by increasing the degree of employment and self-employment among the diaspora population. The general objective of the project will be realized in two directions of action: on the one hand by developing entrepreneurial skills among the people in the target group and on the other hand by supporting the mobility and motivation of the target group in order to return to the country of origin and to develop a business to contribute to the economic revitalization of the community from which they come.


The team for the implementation of the Home Entrepreneur project addresses the diaspora in Spain and invites residents of Romanian origin from Spain to explore training opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship. At least 340 residents in the last 12 months in Spain have been able to benefit from entrepreneurial training for a period of 6 months, after which they will participate in the contest of business plans "TA Idea, TA Afacerea!" And the winners received a de minimis aid. of 178,120 lei for each business plan.


The business plans contest was held in the second period of 2018, once the participants in the e-learning training activities graduated the training modules. The Spanish and Romanian trainers have guided the students in the process of developing their own business idea, so that the business plans participating in the competition meet the selection criteria. Innovative, cooperative ideas, business projects from the most varied areas that could be implemented by new entrepreneurs upon their return to Romania were encouraged.


“Smart-up Diaspora“

"Smart-up Diaspora" is a project funded by European funds, which supports Romanians from the diaspora, to open a business in Romania. In this project, the participants benefit from:

- training in entrepreneurship and assistance in the elaboration of a business plan / financing application

- support the establishment of a new company and its financing with a maximum amount of 40,000 EUR

- Free business management consulting, mentoring, networking in an entrepreneurial community

- advice for implementing the de minimis project

The project aims to:

Carrying out a program of entrepreneurial education in the mixed system (online and in the classroom) for 417 eligible persons, having an estimated graduation rate of about 80% and a minimum certification threshold of 200 persons, respectively achieving a minimum number of 200 of business plans.

Conducting a business plan contest and selecting at least 50 beneficiaries of the de minimis grant

Establishment, operationalization and development of at least 50 SMEs (8 mentored and affiliated CNIPMMR ARAD).

Reducing unemployment by creating and maintaining at least 100 new jobs.



  "Masters" is an Erasmus + project implemented by 6 partners from 4 countries (Romania, Italy, Spain and Poland) that aims to promote apprenticeship in small and micro enterprises, by developing and validating a set of practical and methodological tools to support
the professional development of the tutoring company that operates in SMEs,
trainers and counselors in jobs, to allow them to be implemented
high quality and efficient apprenticeship programs. In fact, creating opportunities
for high quality WBL is at the center of the current education and training policies of
EU. MASTERS follows the concrete implementation of the quality criteria defined by
European Commission proposal on "The European Framework for Quality and Apprenticeship

     Expected results include improved skills, which will ensure higher levels
performance in relation to students in the apprenticeship programs, being able to
motivate while teaching and supporting them towards the completion of the training route.
Furthermore, MASTERS will create a strategic transnational partnership focused on
improving and promoting structured quality; improving apprenticeship programs.

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